All businesses want to keep their employees and their premises safe. One issue is normally high on the agenda of any employer is the type of fire door they have installed. These essentially compartmentalise different areas in the event of a fire.

High quality doors section off an outbreak of fire and give people the chance to exit a property safely. These doors can also contain a fire better which means there is less eventual damage, giving fire crews time to reach your property and do their job in time.

exova bm trada q mark fire door installers

Exova BM Trada Q-Mark Certified Fire Door Installers

Regular checks of fire doors on your premises are important for maintaining this vital part of your infrastructure. While choosing the right fire door in the first place is important, so is how you install it on your premises. The truth is poor installation processes can do as much damage as a faulty door – if there are gaps, for example, when the door closes, this can give any fire the chance to move into the next room.

At Hightown, we’ve got over 40 years’ experience delivering high quality new builds and refurbishments. That includes the safe and proper installation of fire doors on a range of premises. We focus on giving our customers the best and that means opting for BM Trada Q-Mark Certified products. This is a third party certification and there’s probably no better mark of quality in the world today. In other words, you can be sure that your fire door is manufactured to the right specifications and is fit for purpose. Compared to other q-marks, BM Trada products go beyond the standard fulfilment required by current law.

A poor quality door might not have intumescent material around the frame which swells when exposed to heat – essentially sealing the door completely. Alternatively, the glass may not be the right heat resistant quality which is able to withstand a fire nearby, so it will crack if a fire breaks out. If damage has occurred preventing the door from automatically closing, it may be open when a fire occurs.

As we like to remind all our customers, the installation process of your quality fire door is just as important as the product choice itself. Badly fitted doors mean you don’t get the protection you are looking for. Ideally, a fire door should have no gaps and should fit snuggly into the frame when it closes. This ensure that there are no spaces where the fire or dangerous smoke and fumes can seep through.

Research in recent times has found that many office fire doors have faulty seals and just over a fifth may well be fitted with the wrong types of hinges. At Hightown, we ensure that all fire doors are installed to the exact specifications required so that our customers are reassured from the outset that they are fit for purpose.

You should, of course, review your fire doors on a regular basis to ensure that they meet current requirements and are not damaged in any way. This should be carried out by a professional team that knows what to look for. If you need advice on whether your fire doors are appropriate or need help with choosing new ones and their installation, contact the team at Hightown today.