Over the years at Hightown Group, we’ve made a speciality of providing quality builds and refurbishments to the education sector. We know that when you have limited resources you want the best that money can buy.

Over the years, we have worked with a number of universities and colleges delivering quality refurbishments that not only add to the look and feel of a campus but also provides excellent new facilities for staff and students to use.

Students in particular nowadays look carefully at campuses to see what they offer. A well designed and planned refurbishment can introduce new technology and create great spaces for learning that attract top students who value your facilities. It’s one of the best ways that places like universities can set themselves apart from the competition.

One issue that always raises its head when we handle refurbishments for universities, colleges and schools is how much disruption there will be while the work is being undertaken. We take pride in the fact that we always liaise closely with major stakeholders and the people using particular buildings so that we make sure any disruption is kept to a minimum. That means staff and students can get on with the business of enjoying their education and learning new things while we get on with the work.

With careful planning and plenty of discussion there’s no reason why even a major refurbishment should close down a section of a university completely. Yes, there will be big jobs to undertake and certain areas to cordon off, but getting the processes in place that deliver on expectations and keep disturbances low is part of the reason why we’re a popular choice with educational establishments in the North West.

The key is in putting in the right plan and segregating areas so that any potential for disruption is kept down – that requires an experienced team who know how to co-ordinate activities, something which Hightown has in abundance. That also means being flexible in our approach and reacting to requests from the stakeholders we work with.

It’s not just reducing the amount of disruption that is important, of course. With staff and students moving fairly freely around campus, we have to make sure that work areas are kept as safe as possible. All our builders and contractors adhere to very high safety standards which means that you don’t have to worry about those working in the immediate area. Sections that we are refurbishing will be properly secured, with clear signage and appropriate safety measures.

A refurbishment is often the best way to make use of existing building stock, especially for universities and colleges that have limited budgets. You can transform an ordinary building into something modern and hi-tech that not only looks great but also helps market your campus to potential students.

In the past, we’ve worked on major refurbishments at locations such as Liverpool John Moore’s University, Liverpool Hope University and Wakefield College. It’s a process of collaboration and commitment to quality and it’s an area where we have gained a good reputation over the years. Our ethos is simple: we aim to deliver high standards at all times, on budget and to expectations.

To find out more or to discuss an upcoming project with a member of our team please call 0151 214 3402 (Head Office) or 0121 663 1278 (Midlands Office)