Domestic New Builds and Refurbishments


Over the last 40 years at Hightown Group, we’ve carried out a large number of domestic new builds and refurbishments in the North West area as well as nationally. Just as with our many customers in the educational and industrial sectors, our domestic property clients are looking for great quality at a cost that makes sense.

Not only do we work closely with our all our customers and drill down to their exact needs but we can also deliver exciting new builds and excellent refurbishments in a sustainable and cost effective way.

Design and Construction Teams

It’s easy to say that we’re at the top of our game at Hightown but we do pride ourselves in being able to deliver on time and within budget. If you are looking at a new build, we can provide all the technical, design and construction expertise you need. Our integrated teams are geared towards providing the best service and advice in the region – whether you want a property that is renewable energy friendly or want to know how to make the best of a particular plot of land.

Over the years, we’ve been involved with many large scale domestic refurbishments, transforming old and run down properties across the North West, whether that’s improving the insulation and roofing, providing brand new cladding or even adding on an extension here or there.

Our goal is to deliver quality time and again to our customers and we do this by having the right teams on site, with the right experience for the job. We also make sure that the materials we source are sustainable and that our practices of handling construction and refurbishment waste meets current high industry standards – we recycle most of the waste produced during any project.

Delivering Quality Building and Refurbishment for Homes

Whether people have a limited budget or have money to spare, they expect quality delivery. At Hightown, we know we’re only as good as our last job and, irrespective of size, we put in 100% to deliver what our client needs. We are open and engaged with all our customers and you won’t find hidden charges or sudden surprises. Our good reputation is important to us and delivering high standards across the board undoubtedly helps us to achieve that.

We’re used to working closely with a range of stakeholders and pride ourselves on the openness and collaborative values that we bring to each project. That’s why we’ve been able to develop long standing relationships with housing associations, private landlords and other institutions in the region.

Whether it’s a new refurbishment for an old building or a complete rebuild with state of the art technology, Hightown work extensively with stakeholders to make sure they are kept in the loop and know what is going on. All our projects include detailed KPIs so that we can update at any particular time and have a clear overview of each stage, something that also enables us to bring each project in on time and budget. Our expert teams enable us to overcome any site specific challenges that normally come with any new build or refurbishment, ensuring there are no unnecessary delays that add to costs.

If you have a domestic property that requires refurbishment or want to design and build a new home, Hightown knows how to deliver. Contact us today to find out more.