Why Hightown Group?

It’s not just the experience that we have with managing new builds and refurbishments that sets us apart. We’re committed to being a transparent business that is fully customer focused and delivers on expectations. That’s one of the reasons why many of our clients come back to us again and again.

Not only do we believe in delivering the best, we’re a family owned business that cares passionately about the environment. All our practices and processes have sustainability running through them, whether that’s sourcing the right materials from local suppliers or ensuring that all our waste is recycled or repurposed rather than disposed of in landfill.

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Addition not Addiction

Support group specifically around individuals who have addiction issues from Alcohol and Substance Misuse to Eating and Gambling, all are in recovery stage. Support also in place for family members and the family unit affected by addiction. This project will promote positive mental health. -We are unable to show imagery due to the nature of this project.


A great project that challenges isolation and promotes health and wellbeing in the community. Buddies is a social event once a month with lunch, bingo, DJ or entertainer. It combines all sections of the community to share life experiences with each other and support individuals who may feel isolated and on their own. Three excursions planned from Southport to New Brighten with a Garden Centre location to be arranged.

CP United

This project is working around mentoring and befriending with young people who have been diagnosed with a brain injury or cerebral palsy. It will consist of group workshops and one to one coaching with both young people and their parents. The areas of bullying, lack of confidence and self-esteem as well as digital inclusion workshops educating around the numerous social media platforms.

Emotional Support Hub

Team Talk is an emotional support hub in partnership with Saints Community Foundation. A series of informal workshops around mental health and personal wellbeing, a great opportunity for people who are finding things difficult in their lives to build resilience and share in a safe environment.

V.R. for Veterans

Supporting small groups of ex-service individuals with our personal development programme integrating Virtual Reality into their Health and Wellbeing Strategy. Increased demand around October and November with the issue of fireworks, explosions and bonfires. Individuals find this period very difficult to manage especially if they have PTSD.

Zoe’s Place

Zoe’s Place is a Hospice for Babies based in Liverpool, our project with them is to support positive volunteering in line with their guidelines in the third sector. We have also completed Health and Wellbeing Days supporting volunteers one to one and with some social interaction around a Christmas meal and different volunteer recruitment events to support the organisation.

CSR Review 2019

We undertook a considerable amount of corporate and social responsibility work throughout 2019 helping those who need it in and around the communities in which we work. Watch our short video to see the highlights of our work from last year.

Pre Employment & Lifestyle Management for Local Unemployed People


After attending a presentation evening for Thatto Heath Crusaders recently, we decided to support players Connor Dutton and Leon Tatlock – both of whom are touring Russia in July 2018.

“This support will allow Connor & Leon to experience Russia and represent their country. The life experience will be immense and hopefully they will return to their communities more equipped, allowing them to have a positive influence on others around them.” Carl Pilkington, Group Managing Director – Hightown Group.

“Thank you for your kind support for the lads, it’s a once in a lifetime trip for them and a great contribution from Hightown Group.” Perry Kenyon, Thatto Heath Crusaders.

“A very positive and emotional evening being present at such a successful event. A great example of how Hightown Group support local communities” Dave Sheridan, Maximum Edge

There was also an auction on the evening and we gained ownership of both Warrington and Leeds signed rugby shirts. Dave Sheridan of Maximum Edge and representative of Hightown Group (pictured with the shirts) will be donating them to another project we support called ‘NEXT STEPS FOR CHRIS’ (more information on this great cause below). Hopefully these will generate extra funding to support Chris and his fight with Cancer.

Hightown Group CSR
Hightown Group CSR
Hightown Group CSR


PodClub is a group setup “for self-awareness and friendship”, aimed at parents and carers who are feeling they have lost a little bit of themselves in the daily grind of life and are at risk of, or are already isolated. They get together weekly over the course of six weeks to hear personal development podcasts as a group.

Upon completion of the course, participants are invited to join PodClub Plus+, which encourages them to practise using the skills they have learned through PodClub. Some comments from recent participants:

“PodClub truly made me realise how important it is to share your fears and your hopes with others. It helped me to believe in myself a little more”

“I’ve found it extremely useful in building up my own confidence and self-esteem. I find I’m more aware of when I’m thinking negatively and what has set it off.”

“I now feel willing to step outside my comfort zone and try something that I never thought I would. I didn’t imagine that it would have as big an impact as it has – it has made such a difference.”

The Next Step For Chris:

In December 2015 nineteen year old Chris Carberry was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer in his leg called Osteosarcoma. Unfortunately, after treatments were not successful Chris chose to have his leg amputated in the Spring of 2016 – a decision that was described as “leg or life”.

Unfortunately, just several months after finishing treatment, Chris was again diagnosed with cancer, this time it had spread to his lungs. He went on to have more surgery which saw 1/3 of his lung removed along with the tumour.

Hightown Group in partnership with Maximum Edge have proudly worked to support and raise awareness of ‘The Next Step For Chris’. Watch our video to find out more about the “Hadrian’s Wall Challenge” which we sponsored.

WillowBrook Hospice
Volunteer Day

Willowbrook Hospice, located in Prescot, cares for patients with life limiting diseases living in St Helens, Knowsley and the surrounding areas.

As a Charity, Willowbrook Hospice make no charge for their services, but rely on fundraising efforts and a modest contribution from the NHS. This enables them to provide support to patients and their families according to their individual needs.

Hightown Group in association with Maximum Edge supported the hospice with a sponsored training package which which was aimed to promote and support their team of volunteers. Watch the above video to see what happened.

Battle of Britain Witness

“I would like to thank Hightown Group for the opportunity of this experience. It brought back a lot of memories both good and sad, remembering my relative who flew in the Battle of Britian. My uncle was my inspiration to join up myself and have a good career. Sadly over the last few years since my wife passed away I have not had the confidence to get out and mix with people; this experience has been great, to meet new people moving forward with like minded experiences”.

Battle Field Tour of Ypres
in Commemoration of

“A very powerful experience that allowed us as a group to take in the level of personal sacrifice these people gave for our country. A massive thanks to Hightown Group for allowing us the opportunity to visit this place. The memories will stay forever and the friendships on this trip will last also. This trip has allowed us also to be introduced to Former Forces Support for our veterans moving forward, so thanks to all”.

F.A.C.T Trip to Liverpool

“This trip was a reward for achieving in our Cadet Centre, on route to Liverpool, we got introduced to Hightown Group via their impressive work for LJMU in Liverpool. Once we got to FACT the day went really quickly with the different workshops. Dave explained the creative nature of building design and construction by going on Hightown Group’s fascinating website and looking at some of the great projects they have completed. Thank you so much to Hightown Group for this opportunity to visit a very interesting place, it has inspired us to be creative in the future and not just keep doing the same things”.

Leadership, Confidence
and Anger Management
at Deafness Resource

“Thank you to Hightown Group for supporting this series of informal workshops with a group of young people. The workshops promoted confidence and leadership for young people in our local community and also introduce strategies of coping with anger both internally and in the community around us. They were informal and we had a great time with Dan and Grant from Former Forces Support whilst learning about ourselves”.

R.A.F Trip to Runnymede

“Thank you to Hightown Group for supporting this very enjoyable, emotional and interesting trip. A massive part of our group is keeping in touch with each other and supporting one another. Transport and funding as we have got older has been an issue. Thankfully Hightown Group supported this great trip through Former Forces Support, a great day and some special pictures and memories shared all day”.

Staff Development

We are also committed to developing our staff through team building, training and reward days to celebrate achievement.
Late last year members of the Hightown Group team took some time out to look at the companies systems and structures with Executive Solutions. Our group also enjoyed team building and development days at the impressive St Helens RLFC ground as well as taking part in clay pigeon shooting at Catton Hall. Watch our short YouTube video to take a look at some of the action.

Work Skills Training for Unemployed People

In September 2017 we sponsored a course designed to help unemployed people get back into work. Watch the above video to hear feedback from learners.

Sponsorship of Six Week Unemployed Course

Hightown Group sponsored a six week programme designed to help unemployed people within the local area gain the skills needed to find employment.
As part of the programme learners gained a forklift truck licence along with Level 2 qualifications in warehousing and storage as well as customer service. Seeing the learners develop and grow in confidence was very important to us and we were delighted to see such a large number of them find employment opportunities.ners.

Dudley Town FC

Assisting Dudley Town FC to be the best they can possibly be, through a series of bespoke workshops, training sessions and events with players, parents and coaches.

The Brick

The Brick offers services to people who are homeless, in poverty or facing debt crisis. It provides a safe, solid building block for people who desperately need support, enabling them to construct a new life and become valuable members of society. The services include a Crisis Intervention Service and Wigan’s largest Food Bank.

Maximum Edge in partnership with Hightown Group have supported The Brick with a series of lifestyle management workshops, which included:


Developing a
Positive Attitude

Life Management



Starting the
New You

Course tutor Daniel McGarvey said, “the workshops have allowed clients to look at themselves in an informal setting, on different personal topics. The support is invaluable and a great example of partnership work to support an excluded side of the

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