At the end of 2016, after over 40 years in the construction business, the Hightown Group opened a second office in the heart of Birmingham. With more of our clients coming from the Midlands area in recent times, it made sense to create a brand-new hub for them in a place that is easily accessible.

The office is in Birmingham Business Park in Solihull Parkway and has proved an instant hit with our growing list of clients from the area. As one of the leading construction companies with a strong track record in the North West over the last couple of decades, we pride ourselves in the relationships we build with our clients and the quality of new builds and refurbishments we deliver.

Hightown Construction Birmingham

We can deliver a range of building services for the Midlands region, including state of the art refurbishments and stunning new builds. We have the experienced and talented teams in place whether you want to work from an existing plan or need to start from scratch with the design process before moving onto the build. We also offer maintenance regimes for corporations and organisations in and around the Birmingham area.

Industries we Provide Services For

We’re a construction company that specialises in a wide range of different sectors. We’ve gained a great reputation for our refurbishments and maintenance services for large universities such as John Moores in Liverpool. We’ve created cutting edge laboratories for pharmaceutical companies and R&D organisations as well working to create innovative spaces for manufacturing, retail and aviation.

Why Choose Hightown Construction in Birmingham

Central to our success over the last 40 years has been our commitment to openness and transparency. We believe in working with all our clients closely to get the best outcome rather than dictating the pace or direction because of our own agenda. Our teams are highly focused on developing the project management processes which ensure we are always at the forefront of construction in the region. That also means you’ll get a step by step breakdown on how we are going to achieve your aims and regular updates about progress.

We also pay a good deal of attention to health and safety, as you might expect, and all our employees and contractors are trained and educated to the best standards. We often carry out refurbishments where the normal day to day running of a business needs to continue. That entails us working with relevant stakeholders and carrying out in depth risk assessments. It’s the kind of process that allows us to get on with the job while not stopping your staff doing theirs.

Another focus for the Hightown Group is our continuing commitment to sustainability. For any project, we source from reputable suppliers who share our eco-friendly ethos. We also ensure that any waste produced during the construction process is reused and repurposed where possible and recycled as an absolute minimum.

If you are a business that operates in the Birmingham and Midlands area, eager to get that next big project moving, you will certainly want to contact the Hightown Group to find out what we can offer.