New build designers often focus closely on more aesthetic factors without really considering the consequences of their design decisions in the real world. What looks good on paper, doesn’t always work when you get out on the construction site.

Once your design has been created, before approving it, it’s vital that you should have a buildability appraisal.

What is a Buildability Appraisal?

There are a wide variety of factors that can affect any new build. There’s the location where the build is being constructed, for example. There could be issues when it comes to the type of ground that is involved or what lies underneath the surface. The materials being suggested might not be suitable for a particular location or purpose or there may be issues that could potentially add significantly to the cost of the project that you haven’t taken into account.

An appraisal gives you the opportunity to review and ascertain that you have all the right choices in place and can identify any hurdles that you might face during construction. For businesses and organisations this can be of immense use and often even contributes to lowering the costs because the right decisions are made.

Why Choose Hightown?

At Hightown, we offer a free buildability appraisal so that you know exactly where you stand when it comes to the design you have chosen. We’re a family owned firm with over 45 years’ experience delivering high quality builds in the North West and around the UK so we know what we’re talking about. Key to our success over the last few decades has been our openness and engagement with all the stakeholders we undertake projects for or give advice to.

Any new build or refurbishment comes with massive cost implications and the desire for most organisations is to keep these as minimised as possible. But that’s not the only consideration you need to have when developing a new build. There are the materials used and more practical matters to consider that could impact on the build itself and future maintenance.

Having someone independent assess all these factors can make a big difference to the success or failure of your building project. Hightown has a collection of experienced teams that understand what goes into each new build and can provide the assessment you need to make a clear and informed decision about the efficacy of your particular project.

Over the years we’ve worked with major universities across the North West, research and development organisations, the aircraft industry, manufacturing, house building and retail to name just a few. In many instances we have helped take new build and refurbishment projects from the initial design stages right through to construction and completion.

A lot of things can impact on the eventual cost of your new build. These could be areas such as the construction methods you use, the sequence of the building operation and the tools or plant machinery that is employed. A buildability assessment is designed to take all these things into account and give you a true and clear understanding on what it will take to bring your design dream to successful fruition.

If you are currently designing a new build or refurbishment, contact the Hightown Group today to book a free buildability assessment.