Cladding: A Cost Effective Alternative to Rebuilding

A9R15hmg8w_1ahukcx_z3sThere is a good deal of pressure on businesses that own older properties to find ways to improve their energy efficiency and reduce the impact of heating costs as well as meet current obligations for cutting carbon emissions. While rebuilding can be an option, unless huge amounts of investment are available this is often not viable. Another route may, of course, be to move premises altogether but this option also involves large costs and inconvenience.

One other alternative to rebuilding is to opt for over cladding and roof re-insulation – two lower cost building projects that can deliver good results and improve the exterior of a building. As a construction company that has worked with many public sector organisations over the years, we know the importance of finding innovative ways to not only prolong the lifespan of a particular building but to improve energy efficiency across the board.

What is Cladding?

Over cladding basically adds a new face to your building. It can change the way that your office block looks, transforming it into a more modern structure and will greatly improve the energy efficiency of the building. Replacing your existing walls with something like aluminium rain screen cladding is a cheaper option than rebuilding and makes more sense if you want to extend the life span of your property. Roofing can also be improved and re-insulated to provide a much better energy efficiency profile.

The Benefits of Cladding

There are numerous reasons why over cladding and refurbishment are the most beneficial options for businesses rather than rebuilding.

  • Maintenance: First of all, covering the existing walls with a ‘protective’ layer of cladding reduces the impact and cost of continued maintenance for a structure that is beginning to deteriorate. The cladding used is normally of a lightweight material that does not put too much extra stress on the existing structure. You essentially get a lower maintenance wall surface that looks great.
  • Cost: It’s a cheaper option than going for a full rebuild which can involve demolition, planning and architectural input, disruption to the business and delays in completion to name just a few hurdles you’ll need to overcome. While having cladding put up is a major project, it takes much less time to install and comes at a fraction of the price of a rebuild.
  • Insulation: The addition of high quality over cladding provides a greater degree of thermal insulation which means that many businesses can see real reductions in their fuel bills. This is also a key component for companies who want to cut their carbon footprint and meet their environmental obligations. It’s not only heat loss that cladding can help with – it can also reduce the sound from the surrounding traffic.
  • A brand new look: Finally, over cladding can transform the look of your building and turn it into a modern structure that looks impressive from the outside. That’s good for business and a shot in the arm for your staff who will be able to work in a nice building.

At Hightown Group we have over 40 years of experience dealing with public bodies such as local authorities and schools and universities as well as commercial organisations. We have helped transform many buildings, giving them a more modern appearance and creating interiors and exteriors that are perfect for the 21st century.

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