Infrastructure is important to all businesses. Whether you are planning a refurbishment or want to build new premises from the ground up, finding the right construction company to undertake the work can be a mine field. Not only do you want to keep those costs on a level footing but you also want to choose a construction outfit that delivers to your expectations.

A Strong Track Record

The right construction company will have a history behind them that speaks not only of quality but innovation. At the Hightown Group, we are continuously developing the processes we deliver for our clients, often above and beyond what other companies provide. Having a good track record comes from years of experience and adapting to changes within the industry. It’s not simply about using the right materials and employing the best teams to do the job but knowing instinctively what works and how it can be implemented effectively.

Neither is it all about having the right plans in place either. Adapting to situations on site and finding the best solutions is also part and parcel of a good construction company with a strong track record. From the initial design process through to the actual build, a company’s history will give a strong indication of the level of service they provide.

The Right Qualifications

From top management down to the people working on site, you want to be sure that everyone is qualified to do the job they have been tasked with. At Hightown, we pride ourselves on picking the right teams and people for each job, ensuring they have all the qualifications to do the work and are aware of their obligations to the customer particularly in respect of health and safety which is a strong component in today’s construction industry.

Stakeholder Engagement

What differentiates an ordinary construction company from a really good one is the level of stakeholder engagement. You don’t want someone to come in and simply dictate what needs to be done but have access to a company that will work with you closely to make your vision come true. Collaboration should lie at the heart of any top notch business. That means how they engage with clients but, just as importantly, how they work together in teams to deliver a particular dream.

Sustainable Business Practices

Most businesses want to be associated with sustainable business practice. It means not only that you can save money but also reduce your impact on the environment. A construction company should be able to advise on the latest sustainable options and bring them to your new build or refurbishment. That might mean introducing energy saving solutions but should also include sourcing materials from sustainable sources and handling waste with a clear waste disposal strategy.

Health and Safety Excellence

Last, but by no means least, health and safety is of paramount importance when dealing with a construction company. That’s not only about the way they keep their own teams safe on site but how they protect everyone exposed to the area of a new build or refurbishment. Top construction companies will adhere to ISO standards and have a comprehensive policy of health and safety in place.