When you are planning a major building project, finding the right construction company to build a relationship with is vital. Ideally, you need a group of experts you can work closely with and who will deliver on your vision, whether it’s a whole new build or a major refurbishment.

At Hightown, we’ve got over 40 years’ experience bringing high quality builds to life for our clients. Over that time, we’ve worked with a wide range of customers from leading universities and pharmaceutical brands, airports and warehouses to retail stores and residential housing associations.

The Relationship

There’s nothing more important than developing a close relationship with your construction company. After all, you want them to deliver exceptional work, on time and on budget. At Hightown, we take the relationships we build with each individual client very seriously. Our commitment to openness and transparency is something that stretches across our whole team, from the people who carry out the construction work to the managers that oversee it.

Planning, Accuracy and Speed

Having the appropriate plans and project management processes in place is imperative in today’s world of construction. Whether it’s a large project for a multi-national corporation or a small job for a property developer, at Hightown we always ensure that all the plans in place are fit for purpose. We look to complete a project as quickly as possible without compromising on the quality that we deliver. It’s a key aspect of any successful construction company and one which our clients appreciate.

Management Skills

Of course, you want to hire a construction company that has strong management processes in place. Not only does it ensure that your job comes in on time and within budget, but you also get the exact result you are looking for. Yes, there are things that can get in the way. No construction project ever runs entirely smoothly but your chosen company should have the necessary tools and experience to make sure that these hurdles are overcome.


There are plenty of different construction companies around the UK and choosing the one that has the right experience is critical. Over the years, our teams have worked with a wide range of clients, many of whom, like Liverpool John Moore’s University, we’ve built long term relationships with. Experience matters all the way down the project chain, from the people in charge to those laying the bricks. At Hightown, you always get a team that knows what they are doing and are trained and experienced to deliver quality results.

We’re not just a construction company that is able to work to your plans. We can help develop your project too and there’s a wealth of design, architectural and engineering experience that you can draw on to make it a success. We’ll also work directly with stakeholders to ensure the affordability of the project you have in mind with a clear timeframe in which the work can be undertaken and completed.

If you are looking for a construction company that delivers on your expectations, contact the team at Hightown today.