Pharmaceutical Construction

Despite all the doom and gloom of Brexit, pharmaceutical companies are still investing heavily in the UK. In 2017, the total spend on R&D in the UK was £370.9 million and the industry currently employs 73,000 people. Developing new pharmaceutical construction projects, of course, requires a significant amount of investment, in time as well [...]

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Pharmaceutical Construction Companies

While we often think of big companies when it comes to pharmaceuticals, there is a growing and prosperous industry of small businesses in the UK that are just as important. Indeed, many global organisations are outsourcing to these small pharmaceutical companies. The need for innovation and state of the art premises within the sector has [...]

Pharmaceutical Construction Projects

The pharmaceutical industry contributes a good deal to the UK economy and has been one reason for the rising growth among businesses in recent years. Developing the right location for a pharmaceutical company can be difficult, involving as it does a lot of investment and the need to have the latest innovation at the heart [...]

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