Fire door inspection life death decision?

Most business owners will agree that one of the single most important safety measures in any building is the fire door. This simple construction is designed to compartmentalise any outbreak of fire and give people time to leave and reach safety. In many cases, it can keep the fire contained until the fire services [...]

By |February 12th, 2018|BM Trada Q-Mark Fire Door Installers, Fire Door Assessment, Fire Door Installation|Comments Off on Fire door inspection life death decision?

Fire Door Installation

Most businesses understand that fire safety is a big priority, irrespective of the size or design of the property in which they operate. The installation of high quality fire doors can stop a fire spreading too quickly and, in the process, save lives. Where these are positioned as well as the quality of door are [...]

By |September 5th, 2017|Fire Door Installation|Comments Off on Fire Door Installation
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