Ensuring a Safe Working Environment During a Refurbishment

Over the last 45 years at Hightown Group, we’ve been involved in wide range of refurbishments for both large corporations and small business, across a broad selection of industries. Our building and design teams have transformed some pretty rundown places into bright new constructions during that time. At the heart of all that work, [...]

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Building Refurbishment Projects

There are numerous reasons for undertaking a refurbishment rather than opting for a new build. In most cases, an old building can be given a new lease of life and made more sustainable by adding structures such as insulation and cladding. A property might well be protected in some way so refurbishment is the only [...]

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Warehouse Refurbishment Project

Businesses that use warehouses to store or distribute products are increasingly under pressure to maximise their locations as well as their workforces. A warehouse refurbishment might be the last thing on your mind in today’s competitive world but it can bring numerous operational benefits. It can put in new structures that help reduce costs over [...]

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Retail Refurbishment

Retail has always been part of the lifeblood of the UK and the idea we are still a nation of shopkeepers has endured throughout history. While technology may have changed in recent years, making sure your retail outlet looks and feels the part is still very important. What people see, and their personal experience, when [...]

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Airport Refurbishment Projects

There’s nothing more important to the future success of the UK than its airport infrastructure. That not only includes large corporate locations such as Liverpool’s John Lennon and Manchester Airport but smaller ones like Barrow Island and Warton Aerodrome. While most of us think of main terminal buildings and carparks, there are also a large [...]

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Making Your Building Fire Safety Compliant With BM Trada Q-Mark Certified Products

“A fire door is only a fire door if it has been correctly fitted.” We understand that our clients have a duty of care to those who work or operate within their buildings. Fire door installations are designed to stop the spread of fire and save lives; it is vital that such doors are installed [...]

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Making Architectural Visions a Reality

There can be a huge gulf between what an architect puts on paper, especially the initial design concept for a building, and what a construction company tasked with that eventual building actually delivers. Because at Hightown we deal with all aspects of the new build and refurbishment process, including helping to develop those all-important design [...]

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Residential Refurbishment

Any property refurbishment involves a serious amount of time and money as you try to develop your plans and bring your dream to fruition. At Hightown Group, we’ve got plenty of experience dealing with high end residential property refurbishments across the country. We ensure that our clients not only maximise their budgets and get value [...]

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University Building Refurbishment

At Hightown Group, we have over forty years’ experience of providing top quality building refurbishments across the country. A number of our clients are universities who come to us because we deliver consistently excellent building services that meet their needs in the modern environment. Our ability to work closely with all relevant stakeholders and to [...]

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