Any car dealership knows that it’s not just the cars and the helpful sales staff that make a successful. To make a real impact nowadays, you need to have the right facilities.

If you have been considering refurbishing your car dealership and creating a modern space for customers to enjoy, Hightown Group can help you achieve your design dreams.

Why Undertake a Car Dealership Refurbishment?

Customers are much more exacting than they used to be. Whether you deal in second-hand cars or provide modern, electric and hybrid vehicles of a particular make, the showroom floor is really important. How it is laid out and the services it provides can make a huge difference on what customers are likely to do next.

A refurbishment might include creating a more comfortable office space where you can discuss details with potential customers. You might want to add more room in your showroom so that you can fit in more cars. Perhaps you want to increase the energy efficiency or lighting on your premises.

There are many reasons why a car dealership refurbishment can be used to improve facilities and boost that all-important bottom line. The big challenge is finding the right construction and refurbishment company to work with in the first place.

How Hightown Group Can Help Your Car Dealership Refurbishment

We’re a family-owned business with more than 40 years’ experience at delivering high-quality new builds and refurbishments. Our clients range from small companies to large corporations and organisations and we have a reputation for bringing in refurbishment projects on time and on budget.

The first thing new customers realise about Hightown is that we are an open and transparent company that believes in building relationships. We work with our clients and ensure they get the best service we can provide, whether it’s a minor refurbishment or involves more complicated building work.

With any refurbishment, you may want to ensure that the daily running of your car dealership is kept going. We ensure that we work with all major stakeholders so that disruption is kept to a minimum. With people often still operating on your premises, we also take health and safety extremely seriously. All our teams are fully qualified and have the appropriate health and safety to ensure that all legal obligations are met.

We’re also a car dealership refurbishment company that understands and embraces sustainability. That includes where we source materials from – we expect our suppliers to be engaged in environmentally friendly practices in the same way that we are. When it comes to waste, we are passionate about ensuring that this is dealt with sustainably. That means we either recycle or repurpose where possible rather than sending to landfill.

Our aim at Hightown Group is to deliver the car dealership refurbishment that really adds value to your business. We are able to help at any stage of the process, from the initial design and logistics through to full completion. Our teams are experts at delivering on time and within budget.

If you are looking for a great partner to realise your car dealership refurbishment, contact the team at Hightown Group today.