Giving yourself a competitive advantage in the world of selling cars is important. The key is maximising the modern look and feel of your dealership while still staying in control of the costs and delivering what customers need and expect.

If you are focused on a new car dealership construction or a refurbishment of existing premises, it pays to work with a building company that has experience and can really deliver.

The Hightown Group has a great reputation for working with businesses of all types, including helping to create perfect environments that set individual dealerships apart and attract new customers.

What Hightown Can Deliver for Your Car Dealership Construction

Choosing the best partner when it comes to any new construction is never easy. Here are just some of the ways that Hightown believe they can help with your project.

  • We know that the big experts when it comes to developing a car dealership are the business owners themselves. You’ll have strong ideas about what you want to achieve and Hightown can help you every step of the way.
  • We’re flexible in our approach. If you already have an architect’s design ready to go, we’ll work to achieve your vision. Or we can help you develop your idea from the start, working closely with stakeholders and putting the construction project together through our talented and experienced management teams.
  • With more than 40 years’ experience in the construction industry, we’re a family owned business that has never lost sight of its roots. We’re focused on being open and transparent in all our dealings with clients and we’re happy to work with any stakeholders that have an input into the management of your car dealership construction.
  • Nowadays, at the heart of our business model is sustainability. We’re a construction company that believes in having an eco-friendly approach to building and refurbishments, whether that’s sourcing materials or choosing the right partners to work with when we need to subcontract.
  • All our teams of construction personnel are fully trained and understand clearly their obligations under the latest health and safety regulations. That means, for every job that needs to be undertaken during your car dealership construction project you can be sure that every member of the team understands their role and has the necessary qualifications to carry it out.
  • At Hightown, we understand that things can also change during any building project, no matter how well it is planned to begin with. We’re a flexible construction company that knows how to meet challenges head on and deliver on our customer’s needs. We’ll find the solutions that get you over any potential hurdles.
  • Over the years we’ve worked with some pretty big organisations, including major universities, airports, retail and office based businesses, and local government to deliver on their dreams. We’re at home just as much dealing with small and medium size businesses as we are with large corporations.

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If you are planning to develop a new car dealership construction and are looking for a partner who really knows how to deliver, on time and on budget, contact the team at Hightown today to see how we can help.