Despite worries over Brexit and the future of the economy, the retail industry is still going from strength to strength. Brands are still investing in new products, pulling in the customers and creating brilliant instore experiences that continue to hit the mark.

At the HIghtown Group we know quite a lot about how a new build or refurbishment can help retail companies deliver quality to customers on the high street. We also know that quality matters when you’re getting in any building company.

Converting a New Space

Many businesses looking to expand don’t want to undertake a new build but will settle on a vacant shop or lot in the area they have chosen. While the existing structure is probably fine, getting the right look and feel that reflects your brand and brings in the customers is a lot more difficult. Most retail businesses will look to refurbish once they have a location settled upon and working with the right building company is vital.

Competition with Online Business

Whether you are a small retail outlet or a large one with many stores, competition with the online world can never be ignored. More and more of us nowadays have busy lives and shopping on the go via tablets and smartphones has become standard practice. Brick and mortar stores therefore have to work a lot harder to attract in the customers.

At Hightown we work closely with all stakeholders in a particular build or refurbishment project, making sure that costs are kept down and your brand gets the kind of facelift that makes a big difference on the high street. Our teams work hard to make sure that deadlines are kept to and your refurbished or newly built shop is up and running, fully stocked and ready for action as soon as possible.

Boosting Your Brand

With so much competition and everyone vying for customers, a refurbishment is a great way to boost the connection people have with your brand. It’s not just about grabbing the attention of people on the street but developing the atmosphere and style that gets them to buy and become long term, loyal customers.

Choosing the Experts

Whether you have decided on a new build for expansion, are taking on the lease for a shop premises or simply need to give your existing outlet a new look, you’ll find all the expertise you need at the Hightown Group. We’ve been handling new builds and refurbishments for the last forty years and pride ourselves on the quality we bring to the table again and again. Over the years that we’ve developed our services, we’ve always underpinned everything with an ethos of openness and collaboration.

Retail businesses generally need a rapid response to their needs, meaning that schedules are kept to and shops are up and running and open on time. That’s why we work closely with all stakeholders and set the targets that help them meet their goals. We also source from a reputable supply chain which means you can be sure the work is being done to the right building standards and there won’t be issues further down the line.

For us, quality isn’t just about the finished product but the service we provide, from the moment you first contact us to the time a project is finally signed off and your shop opens for business.