The UK has a strong and growing reputation in the development of pharmaceuticals and within the bio-science industries. Their role in improving health, not only in this country but around the world, has been phenomenal over the last 50 years. When companies and research organisations in this sector look to refurbish or renovate their premises, they need access to building expertise that is in tune with their needs and has high construction values.

At the Hightown Group, we have over 40 years of dealing with a wide range of sectors in the North West. We have a reputation for providing high quality laboratory refurbishments for institutions such as universities and are well placed to carry out renovation projects for the pharmaceutical industry. We have been involved in large projects delivering the kind of design and technology that can help this important sector continue to deliver cutting edge results.

Working with Pharmaceutical Stakeholders

Key to our success in this area has been our relationship with stakeholders when we enter a partnership. We work closely with our clients, drilling deep into their needs and putting the experienced teams in place who can deliver to their expectations. Collaborative working and an open, honest approach, is just a part of how we work.

We’re not a company where the directors hide away. They’re always available and take a close interest in any project, driving it from the initial concept through to full completion. At Hightown, we pride ourselves on achieving industry standard certification and ensure all our teams are trained to the highest levels of health and safety.

A Strong Reputation

Our reputation brings us repeat business. With any major refurbishment or renovation, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector, having the right teams involved is vital. It’s not just a case of putting up new partitions or redesigning the outer walls to make a building look more attractive. Providing the structure to put in the latest state of the art equipment for the research and development of lifesaving pharmaceuticals requires working closely with stakeholders and finding the best solutions.

Any project will face its own hurdles and challenges and making sure the project management is in place to cope with these is a large contributory factor in our success over the years. That only comes by having a clear business plan that means everything from our supply chain to the people who work on our teams are of high quality.

Working closely with stakeholders ensures that we can match project needs to a high degree – we never place cost over quality, particularly when we’re dealing with a highly sensitive and security conscious sector such as pharmaceuticals. In combination with this is our ability to be flexible in our approach which means that solutions are found that meet our client’s needs rather than our own.

All our refurbishments and renovations come with our extended warranty which also means we won’t be disappearing once the work is completed. If you operate in the pharmaceutical industry and need a building company that is responsive to your needs, will work closely with your project team and delivers high quality as a standard, then contact the Hightown Group today.