There are numerous reasons for undertaking a refurbishment rather than opting for a new build. In most cases, an old building can be given a new lease of life and made more sustainable by adding structures such as insulation and cladding. A property might well be protected in some way so refurbishment is the only option available. It’s also considered a much cheaper option than knocking down and building a new property.

A building refurbishment project can cover several different scenarios, particularly for businesses. You might want minor changes that extend the life of a building or repairs faults such wiring or plumbing. You may want to change the size and use of certain rooms or create an environment, as in the case of universities and schools, where teaching activities can take place.

If you have a building that is structurally sound, undergoing a refurbishment is usually the first option that needs to be considered. For one, it usually takes less time and you don’t have work on the level of design and planning that comes with a new build.

Key to a successful refurbishment project, of course, is choosing the right company to undertake it for you. With over 40 years’ experience handling new builds and refurbishments for a wide range of domestic and commercial clients, Hightown certainly has the team on board that can make a significant difference to your next project.

  • First, we place a lot of store in working closely with our clients. That means getting all stakeholders on board and being open and transparent about our operations.
  • Second, we have the experience. Our clients have included major universities in the North West, local retailers and businesses across the region, as well as research and development organisations and sectors such as manufacturing, aviation and nuclear.

Key to our success over the years, has been our close attention to our project management processes. That means understanding we need the right people in the right place to deliver on our client’s expectations. Part of that success also comes from ensuring we source materials sustainably and help bring those building plans and refurbishments to realisation in the most cost-effective and eco-friendly manner.

All our teams adhere to high health and safety standards – that means whenever we undertake a project there is a full assessment of the issues we are going to face. If you have a building that is under refurbishment but is still a working concern, that includes making sure your staff on site are kept safe and can go about their jobs largely undisturbed.

Any new build or refurbishment project will naturally produce waste. At Hightown, we make it a priority to ensure that any waste is either repurposed and reused or properly recycled. That means our clients can be confident we are protecting their carbon footprint by bringing green solutions to the table whenever we carry out a refurbishment.

Undertaking any building work involves a good deal of decision making. Hightown has earned a great reputation over the years by working closely with all its clients, ensuring that we deliver the kind of refurbishments that add value and come in on budget and on time. Contact us today to find out more.