There’s nothing more important than education. Delivering the high quality teaching and learning which prepares pupils for the future naturally requires having in place the best facilities. It’s something which is vitally important to any primary or secondary school.

Schools always have to operate on very tight budgets but still need to deliver the kind of teaching that makes a big difference in their communities. When it comes to carrying out refurbishments and building new classes and facilities, it’s no surprise that a great deal of thought and discussion needs to go into all the options from the design stage right through to the actual construction.

At Hightown we’ve got over 40 years’ experience delivering quality building work for many organisations within the education sector, including schools and universities.

Stakeholder Engagement

At the heart of our business is a willingness to engage fully with all stakeholders at all levels. We understand that there might be a few groups and people associated with a school who need to be kept up to date and liaised with on a regular basis. Our open, transparent policy means we’re always up front and honest about what we can achieve and how things are progressing. This is particularly important for schools who naturally want to keep control of costs.

Quality Management

As you might expect, we’re an organisation that works hard to make sure we have the quality management tools in place which demonstrate and support our capabilities. We’re always reviewing our processes and making sure we deliver a high quality service at a price our clients can depend on. That covers everything from our inhouse design teams to everyone who works on our construction sites as well as those companies we use as suppliers.


Most businesses and certainly all schools and universities nowadays are focused on sustainable practices. At Hightown, we’re no different and we’re proud of our green credentials. We source materials from companies and organisations that share our stance on sustainability and ensure that we recycle and repurpose waste as much as possible with very little ending up in areas like landfill. A sustainable approach, however, doesn’t mean that we compromise on quality, especially where our clients are concerned.

Health and Safety

Finally, as a school looking for building work to be carried out, one important area you’ll no doubt worry about is health and safety. We have an exemplary record and all our teams and their staff are regularly updated and trained to make sure they are aware of all current legislation and how to maintain safety on site. That includes making sure your school can function properly while we’re carrying out any building work. We’ll generally work around your needs while ensuring that everyone is kept safe and disruption is kept down to a minimum.

Choosing the right design and construction firm to carry out building and refurbishment work on your school can be challenging. At Hightown we’ll work with you every step of the way to develop a plan that brings your school into the 21st Century, delivering the cutting edge facilities your pupils and parents deserve.