Competition on the high street has increased over the last few years. Retail stores not only have to vie with each other but with online shops that have little or no overheads. People still love to shop, however, and how your retail outlet stands apart from the crowd can make a big difference to your bottom line.

What people see and feel when they walk through the doors of your store is important. All sorts of technology and psychology are being used nowadays to make the customer experience even better. When you decide to undertake a refurbishment it’s not just about tidying a few things up and making them look more appealing but cementing what your brand stands for.

Improved Footfall

Everyone loves something new and a great refurbishment can immediately get more people coming through the door. Brands and decors often start to loose their appeal after a while which is often why people move on elsewhere.

A refurbishment is a good time for a big opening event that will attract past customers back in store as well as new ones who are passing by. It can get your store in the news with a little extra free advertising that can be effective for some time to come.

A Better Work/Shopping Environment

We all like to work in a comfortable and engaging environment. Staff in particular appreciate new facilities and a cleaner, more modern looking shop. A refurbishment also gives you the chance to reorganise things not only to make working there better but provide a more rounded experience for customers coming through the door.

Boosting Brand Awareness

Brands can change or become jaded over time and a refurbishment is a unique opportunity to create more awareness with the surrounding public. If you’re on a high street where it’s difficult to stand out, changing your store design can make a big difference. It can also raise the tone of the area making it a place where greater numbers of people want to shop.

Making Your Store More Efficient

A refurbishment also gives you the chance to make your store more energy and operationally efficient. You can improve the lighting, put in energy saving heating and reduce the cost to your business. It also means that you reduce your ongoing maintenance costs because you have new fixtures and fittings in place which require less remedial work.

Why Choose Hightown For Your Retail Store Refurbishment

If you’re going to commit to a refurbishment, you want to make sure that the building company you choose has a track record in this sector. Hightown has over 40 years’ experience in both retail and hospitality, helping to deliver stunning, cutting edge refurbishments that really make a difference.

We’ll work closely with stakeholders in your business to ensure that we deliver exactly what you require. We can liaise with existing designers and architects for your store and we bring high levels of excellence and transparency to all projects.

We’ve worked with many high profile retail outlets in the past and believe in delivering quality refurbishments that make businesses stand out.

Contact our talented team today if you’d like to find out more.