Research and development forms the backbone of new innovations in our modern world. We wouldn’t have the drugs that cure cancer or slow dementia if it wasn’t for research facilities. Neither would we have cutting edge renewable technologies or those brand new and exciting gadgets that make our lives easier.

You’ll find laboratories in a variety of industries and sectors around the world. They’re vital for universities, schools, the pharmaceutical industries, and the manufacture of chemicals and development of disruptive new technologies.

But what are the real benefits of having a new laboratory installation on your premises?

Tailored Facilities For Your Project

Being stuck with an old fashioned set of facilities that don’t quite meet your research needs can be problematic. If you decide to build something from the ground up, it means you can develop the equipment and space to that is an exact match to your requirements both now and in the future.

Building from scratch also means that you can maintain higher standards across the board by introducing new and safe technology.

Invites Greater Investment and Funding

Most researchers depend on a significant amount of public and private funding with new projects and this can come from a variety of sources. If you have developed a new laboratory environment you have the facilities which naturally attract more investment and greater levels of funding.

Providing Staff With Cutting Edge Facilities

The top research staff in the UK want to work in facilities that meet their needs. There’s nothing more frustrating for researchers than being restricted because there isn’t any investment in equipment or the spaces they work in. Creating a cutting edge R&D environment means that you are more likely to attract the best from around the world.

Allowing You To Take On New Research and Development

The world of research and development so often depends on having the right facilities and being able to respond to new innovations and ideas. If you want to compete on the world stage and produce the results and research that changes the world, the tools have to be there for your staff to stay ahead of the game.

Especially in areas like universities, research candidates will often take a close look at the facilities on offer before they even consider aspects such as location and salary.

Creating a New Laboratory

Wanting to improve your laboratory or build a new one is only the first step. Next you need to find a reputable construction company to work with you through the design and implementation phase to completion. That’s not always easy as R&D development is highly specialised.

At Hightown, we have over 40 years’ experience working with research organisations and businesses across the UK, including some top flight universities such as John Moores in Liverpool. We work very closely with stakeholders and those involved in the development of any new laboratory to ensure that we deliver the best in construction.

Compared to other building activities, laboratories are built to extremely high specifications. That’s not only to provide the right facilities but often to comply with safety and other industry regulations. Choosing the right materials and processes as well as the initial design are equally important.

Hightown operate an open and transparent construction business that has successfully helped build cutting edge research facilities across the UK. If you would like to find out how our expert team brings a collaborative approach to laboratory design and ow we can help you realise your dream, contact us today to find out more.