Finding an experienced construction team to carry out a high-quality airport refurbishment can be difficult. You might need certain specialist services from a company that understands the demands of your sector or perhaps you want a building team which has worked in airport refurbishments before.

At Hightown, we have 40 years’ experience delivering excellence to a wide range of sectors across the UK, including the aviation industry.

We’ve been bringing our own brand of expertise to both the private and public arenas, right across the UK, for many years now. Our reputation for quality and openness has been hard won over those last four decades, based on providing the exceptional building and refurbishment solutions that our clients really need. A good deal of our work involves collaborating closely with all stakeholders allowing us to constantly deliver exceptional results.

Airport refurbishments can cover a wide range of projects. You might want to a renew passenger waiting spaces, for instance. Perhaps you need to create new facilities such as a check-in or simply want to update and renew hanger spaces or offices that have seen better days. Your refurbishment might include putting in new lighting, creating partitions to change the design of a space or updating the heating and ventilation systems. In some cases you might want to demolish an area and build something new.

The team at HIghtown work closely with all stakeholders to ensure we understand exactly what your organisation or business wants to achieve. We put a lot of focus on getting our management and operational processes, getting things just right so that we can deliver on the expectations of our clients. Our customers not only include major brands across the UK but high quality public services such as universities and research and development operations.

What makes us different?

We always make sure we have the right strategic teams in place who are able to work through your project. We’re a construction company that knows how to source the best talent and we understand that the project planning and management are key aspects that underpin every successful new build or refurbishment but having the best experts in place also counts for a lot.

We make sure that materials are sourced from reputable suppliers and we only deal with contractors who share our ethos of quality, sustainability, and delivering on time. As a family owned business, we work closely with our clients to ensure that all refurbishments are carried out to their expectations. We adhere to strict international ISO standards and make sure all our teams are properly trained to do the job at hand – including making sure that areas being refurbished maintain elevated levels of health and safety.

Making sure you have the best people in the right positions is an important aspect of delivering any construction job. That means everyone from the project manager down to the site managers and construction workers need to be on the same page as the clients.

At Hightown, 40 years of delivering quality construction work across the UK has taught us that we’re only as good as our last job.

If you’re planning an airport refurbishment in the future, it’s time to contact the Hightown team who can help put your project together.